Free Communications – 16/06/2021 (15:00h – 16:30h)

Moderator: Helena Barroso

Deolinda Auxtero – CiiEM, IUEM

Nutraceuticals for smart aging and potential drug interactions

Samir M. Ahmad – CiiEM, IUEM

Application of Bar Adsorptive Microextraction for the Determination of Tricyclic Antidepressants in Urine Samples

Sara Figueiredo – iMed, FFUL

Tuning of paroxetine 3D-printable formulations for Fused Deposition Modelling

Sandra Alves – ESSCVPLisboa

Humanization of healthcare professionals – ethical aspects of aging the specific case of physiotherapy

Mafalda Padinha – IUEM

Long-Term Intestinal Failure and Home Parenteral Nutrition: a single center experience

Andreia Oliveira – CQE and IDMEC, IST, UL

Kevlar fiber-reinforced hydrogels for articular cartilage replacement

Diana Silva – CQE, IST, UL

Personal Protective Equipments reuse management through sterilization by gamma radiation

Patrícia Cavaco Silva – CiiEM, IUEM

S. aureus and MRSA nasal carriage in dental students: a comprehensive approach

Susana Bandarra – SYNLAB

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 UK variant in Portugal