Abstract submission10 Euros/Abstract
Abstract submission + publication in Proceedings (ISSN 2504-3900)30 Euros/Abstract

* Registration is free but required to attend the congress.


After payment for abstract submission or abstract submission and publication, you should send proof of the bank transfer to ciiemcongress@egasmoniz.edu.pt, mentioning the email and username used for the abstract submission. Upon confirmation by our administrative services, you will receive confirmation letter of the abstract submission by e-mail.

Letter of Invitation

The registration department is happy to send a letter of invitation to any individual requesting one, once their registration and fee have been received. Such an invitation is intended to help potential participants raise travel funds or obtain a visa. It is not a commitment on the part of the congress to provide any financial support. You may request such a letter on the online registration.

Payment Methods

Payment of registration fees (in EUR) can be made by Bank Transfer
Please ensure that the name of the participant is stated on the transaction draft.
Bank charges are the responsibility of the payer and should be paid in addition to the registration fees.

Please make drafts payable to: 

IBAN PT50 0035 0268 00026550330 61