Decoding the role of the environment , including climate change for health and well-being

Moderators: José Brito and Ricardo Alves

Gonçalo Pereira / IUEM10:00h15 minHigh-intensity infrasound exposure effects on glucose metabolism in rats
Alzira Cavacas / IUEM10:15h15 minWhat about non-audible noise effects?
Luis Carrão / Politécnico de Leiria10:30h20 minRelationship between health and the environment for physiotherapy and their responsibility, as a health professional and educator
Susana Paixão / Politécnico de Coimbra10:50h20 minSustainable Development Goals and Gender Equality from an Environmental Health Perspective
Telmo Pereira / Politécnico de Coimbra11:10h20 minAir Pollution and early vascular aging – a proven causality?
António Lorena / IN+CITP, UL11:30h20 minA study on the environmental and health impacts of inadequate medical packaging waste management
Isabel M López Medina / U Jáen11:50h20 minInclusion of sustainability and climate change in the university nursing curriculum
David Chettle / Mc Master Univ12:10h20 minMonitoring lead in humans exposed in the workplace and through the environment
Discussion12:30h15 min