Innovative Health Care, Industry and Society

Moderators: Manuel Pequito and Daniel Murta

Ingrid Stegeman / EuroHealthNet16:30h20 minCOVID-19 and health inequalities: drawing the lessons to strengthen health systems’ responses 
Patrícia Calado / AICIB16:50h20 min Innovative Health and Care – opportunities for research and innovation in Horizon Europe
Joaquim Cunha / Health Cluster, Portugal17:10h20 minHealth Portugal: from Portugal to the world
Carina Dantas / Rede SHAFE, SHINE 2Europe17:30h20 minPromoting sustainable environments for all – the NET4Age-Friendly Network
António Grilo / Madan Parque, NOVA School of Science and Technology – FCT NOVA17:50h20 minAI-based Digital Transformation: What Impact to Expect?