Infectious Diseases and Improving Global Health

Moderators: Nuno Taveira (9:30h-11:15h) and Helena Barroso (11:15h-13:00h)

Vanessa Machado / IUEM9:30h20 minPeriodontal inflammation as a key mediator of systemic diseases 
Fernanda Amaral / ESSEM9:50h20 minPremature…the Impact in Future!!!
Ana Reis / Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa10:10h20 minVulnerable population in Health and in Society
João Bissau / ABBVIE10:30h20 minHepatitis C: From the discovery of the virus to the implementation of a global plan for elimination
Discussion11:00h15 min 
Sofia Guia Marques / IMM11:15h20 minUnveiling Host-Plasmodium interactions 
Francisco Peréz Cano / UA Barcelona11:35h20 minProbiotics and infection: a role for COVID-19?
Sarah Dennison / UC Lancashire11:55h20 minAntimicrobial peptide: multifunctional agents to fight infectious disease
José A. Oteo / HU San Pedro (CIBIR12:15h20 minA One-Health approach in the fight against threats caused by emerging infections
Discussion12:45h15 min