Digital Transformation in Health

Moderators: Jorge Caldeira (9:30h-11:15h) and Alexandre Quintas (11:15h-13:00h)

Sofia Pinto / ESSEM9:30h20 minThe use of kinetics in neurological physiotherapy clinical practice: what is evidence
Mara Guerreiro / ESEL e IUEM9:50h20 minConversational agents in health and well-being
Ricardo Vagarinho / VimelCare10:10h20 minDigital Platforms – How technology can help clinical practice
Raquel Santos / Hosp Luz10:30h20 minReengineering a Human-Centered Healthcare
Discussion11:00h15 min
Filipa Fixe / Glint11:15h20 minThe impact of technology on the health of the future
Heber Silva / GlaxoSmithkline UK11:35h20 minBringing Pharma into the fourth industrial revolution
Mario Gaspar da Silva / INESC-ID, IST11:55h20 min Improving Healthcare through Digital Innovation
Bárbara Badanta Romero / U Sevilha12:15h20 minExperiences and dilemmas designing techno-care for dependent people
Discussion12:45h15 min