Moderator: Cidália Castro

Table 1 (14:00h-15:15h): The importance of nursing measurement instruments in the transformation of care

Ana Lúcia Ramos, Instituto Politécnico de SetúbalConstruction of an instrument for measuring the risk of unintentional injury14:00h
Paulo Seabra, Escola Superior Enfermagem de LisboaValidation of measuring instruments for drug users14:20h
Manuel Luís Capelas, Universidade Católica PortuguesaContributions of measurement instruments to health outcomes sensitive to nursing care14:40h

Table 2 (15:30h-17:00h): Organizational contexts for the promotion of nursing education

Luís Filipe Barreira, Ordem dos EnfermeirosFormative suitability in clinical contexts15:30h
Nuno Simões, Centro Hospitalar Barreiro MontijoStudents’ contributions to clinical practice: a training perspective16:00h
Sílvia Cláudia dos Santos Azinheiro, Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte, EPEThe interaction between nursing school and training centers: what challenges?16:30h