Social Sciences in Health

Moderators: Noémia Lopes and Catarina Egreja

Noémia Lopes / GESA-CiiEMThematic introduction14:30h
Violeta Alarcão | Pedro Candeias | Sónia Pintassilgo | Fernando Luís Machado / CIES-ISCTE-IULExploring inequalities in HPV Vaccine-Related Knowledge and HPV Vaccine Uptake among Cape Verdean immigrant and Portuguese Native Women14:45h
Luís Gouveia / CICS.Nova ; ESSEM“Focusing and defocusing” – emotional and evaluative dynamics in the relationship with the human embryo among ART beneficiaries15:05h
Carla Rodrigues | Hélder Raposo | Elsa Pegado | Ana I. Fernandes / CIES-ISCTE-IUL; CiiEMCoffee in the workplace: a social break or a performance enhancer?15:25h
Catarina Egreja | Noémia Lopes / GESA-CiiEMStudents, medicines and performance consumption: the online as a sharing space and source of information15:45h